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Version of Yourself!

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Purpose Driven Woman

You are an ambitious woman who knows there is so much more to you and so much more to what you were intended to have.  BUT... you have been holding yourself back. 

It is not by chance that you are here. 

Your were drawn here and it is time to take YOURSELF to the next level. 

No need to get overwhelmed with figuring it all out. This is exactly what is done with clients that I work with. 


You can breathe... because we will provide you a roadmap to guide you there with clarity and confidence while you enjoy the ride.



You don't have to do this journey alone. 

Your next level starts now! 


You can have the life of your dreams. You can feel more fulfilled, connected, and satisfied without feeling overwhelmed or guilty. The possibilities for your life are limitless. 

Start Your Journey

You are frequently hitting a glass ceiling and you are ready to breakthrough! It's okay that you need some support. The truth is we all do! During this session, you wil...
Breakthrough Call
30 min
Price varies


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"As I continue to be inspired and empowered by Natolie, my entrepreneurial experience and business has elevated in many levels. My confidence, wisdom and faith has allowed me to break barriers allowing me to step outside boundaries I thought I were not capable of!"

Conswella Smith

Owner of A Queen's Essentials

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"I know it sounds like a cliche but our coaching sessions has strengthened me through one of the hardest seasons of my life. The accountability that the program offers gives me the uncanny ability to stay focused. Plus, I smile more on the inside.

Monica Fletcher
Author & Relationship Mentor

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"Natolie helped to jumpstart my vision by helping me see the power I possessed inside of myself. She reignited my dream by having me talk out my vision and things I needed to do in order to move forward. She helped me start pursing my dream again by helping me realize that there are no excuses good enough to give me permission to remain stagnant because there is always something I can do to help myself achieve greatness. Since talking with Natolie, I have set up my email list, started gathering information to write my second book, and have almost completed 3 video ads to promote my business. I am grateful to Natolie for pouring into my life

Melody Thompson

Owner of Creative Care Solutions, LLC

Move Forward! 

Find out what is keeping you from being the best version of yourself! Take a brief quiz to discover what is holding you back from the life of your dreams & get 3 effortless strategies to move forward! 

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Let’s Engage

Phone Number: 678-829-8993    /     Email:

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