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Meet Natolie 

Entrepreneur, Psychotherapist, Mindset Coach, Personal Development Strategist, Author, Podcaster and International Speaker

Welcome to my website. I know it is not by chance that you are here. Let me tell you more about myself. I found my "sweet spot" when I discovered that I love supporting people grow, heal and change. As the founder of InPowerment Inc, a personal development company, I have the privilege of empowering ambitious leaders overcome their biggest unconscious blocks so they can have a more soul-led, joyous and fulfilling life and thrive in their personal and professional lives. With 15 years of experience, I integrate psychology, personal development and spirituality coupled with my own personal triumphs to bring forward healing and transformation.


I started writing at 13 years old and I never knew my writing would be used to empower and inspire others. Here you will find some of my recent blogs. Many of them are also podcast that you can listen to now. 

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"As I continue to be inspired and empowered by Natolie, my entrepreneurial experience and business has elevated in many levels. My confidence, wisdom and faith has allowed me to break barriers allowing me to step outside boundaries I thought I were not capable of!"

Conswella Smith

Owner of A Queen's Essentials

"I know it sounds like a cliche but our coaching sessions has strengthened me through one of the hardest seasons of my life. The accountability that the program offers gives me the uncanny ability to stay focused. Plus I smile more on the inside.

Monica Fletcher
Author & Relationship Mentor

"Natolie helped to jumpstart my vision by helping me see the power I possessed inside of myself. She reignited my dream by having me talk out my vision and things I needed to do in order to move forward. She helped me start pursing my dream again by helping me realize that there are no excuses good enough to give me permission to remain stagnant because there is always something I can do to help myself achieve greatness. Since talking with Natolie, I have set up my email list, started gathering information to write my second book, and have almost completed 3 video ads to promote my business. I am grateful to Natolie for pouring into my life

Melody Thompson

Owner of Creative Care Solutions, LLC


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