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Radiant Dreams Unleashed Retreat

Morocco, Africa

June 22nd-29th, 2024


If you want to break free from the ordinary, ready to embrace your full potential and craft the life you've always envisioned, this retreat is for you. 

Join us for 8 magical days and 7 nights in the sensational land of Morocco. This will be a week to fully design your life and reignite your inner radiance! We will take this week to truly step out of the daily grind and into a beautifully rich space to nourish ourselves through life-giving breathwork, mind-bending somatic movement, inner transformation, deep culture, connection and adventure

By the end of the 8 days, you'll have the space to go within to remember your truth and get to know yourself on a whole new level. You may discover your calling, get clarity on your next steps, or simply come back to self-love. You will guarantee your happiness by reviving and constructing your dreams and goals and create an authentic sense of success, fulfillment, and joy in your life. 


Get more details and secure your spot by clicking here. 

The Ultimate Reset in Bali

August 31st- September 7th, 2024

Luxury Wellness Retreat For Women


There's no better place to push the reset button! There's something about the magical energy of Bali that will inspire you and your imagination- and getting away from mundane routines, and exploring the nooks and crannies of this unique place- will have you feeling relaxed and reconnected to the depth of who you really are while letting your soul shine


If you're a woman who is ready to go beyond your comfort zone to reconnect to your body, intuition and unravel your authentic self, join us for an adventure in culture, wellness, relaxation and fun that will lift your life to new realms. 

Join us for this powerful and never-to-be-forgotten experience. 

Click here to get more details 

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